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Report on a Mission Member trip

During the month of June, my wife and I had the incredible opportunity to take students to Quito, Ecuador. We were privileged to learn, train, and serve the church full time and even explore the country a little. On our team, we had five students from Nashville, Tennessee and we were joined by four students from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

God moved in amazing ways. Over the month, the campus ministry went from 1 bible study to over 15 people studying the bible, not including people who studied and then stopped while we were there. Our daily bible talks averaged over 5 visitors a day. At the Polytechnic University Campus, (a new campus ministry thrust) we saw 15 visitors at one of the bible talks. God opened many doors.

While on the trip, the faith of many of the disciples, both Americans and Ecuadorians, grew. Our students came back ready to evangelize the world and live lives sold-out for the Kingdom of God. The students in Ecuador began to see how God can use them in greater ways than they had ever dreamed. They began to share their faith and study the bible with people — most of them, for the first time.

Many great friendships were made in Quito in such a short time. In fact, people we were reaching out to thought we had known our spiritual brothers and friends we made there our whole lives.

Quito was a life changing experience. Faith grew, people heard the message and lifetime relationships were forged in the sierra of Ecuador.

“No será por la fuerza, ni por ningún poder, sino por mi Espíritu, dice el Señor Todopoderoso.” Zacarías 4:6

Kendall Albert
Campus Minister
Greater Nashville Church

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