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Venezuela ICOC Asks for Prayers in Country’s Crisis

Written by  Edilberto Ramirez — Caracas, Venezuela Friday, 14 March 2014 09:15

venezuela protest, ICOC venezuelaThe situation in Caracas continues to deteriorate. Troubled for years by rising inflation, skyrocketing crime and the scarcity of basic essentials such as milk, eggs and toilet paper, the sharply divided country recently erupted in angry protests that culminated in violence. Twenty-five have been reported killed in the last month. See NBC News for more >

Out of this difficult situation the church leader in Caracas, Edilberto Ramirez, writes:

Dear brothers:

We are very grateful for each of your prayers.

The situation in Venezuela reminds me of the times when the brothers of the early church were afraid to carry the message but they prayed and the Holy Spirit gave them the boldness to do it. That is what God is doing through his church in Caracas, although some are still fearful, many are full of courage and excited to bring the teachings of Jesus to every person who is willing to listen.

Last Saturday the students, amidst the marches and tear gas, held an evangelistic activity in the park where they met 11 new people who were interested in studying the Bible and one of them came out to the Sunday service.

venezuela protest, venezuela ICOCLast week we traveled with seven disciples to Barquisimeto, a city six hours from Caracas. We found the roads deserted even though it was a holiday because so many people are afraid to leave their homes. We came to teach the Bible, and were blessed to be able to baptize a young woman, who had been studying. We were also able to begin Bible studies with a teen girl.

God is putting in hearts of many of the disciples a passion for the lost.  In other words God is showing His power and grace in the midst of great difficulty. However, in my humble opinion, I think the greatest needs are those who do not know God, even if they live in countries that are not experiencing difficulties such as ours.

We need to pray for all the churches all over the world that God will make us more aware each day of every person that suffers the pain of being separated from God. For those who are suffering visibly it is easier for them to recognize their need for God, in this sense the difficulties Venezuela is suffering allows these people to recognize their spiritual need and paradoxically, may actually be a blessing.

In the church in Caracas we are praying that God will give us much more merciful hearts and that we can carry his message of salvation all the time and that even if he does not change the circumstances many Venezuelans will recognize their sins and repent.

Greeting to everyone,
Edilberto Ramirez

Ramirez family

Note: The Ramirez family are missionaries from Bogota Colombia who were invited to come and lead the church in Caracas. The whole family is committed to remaining in Venezuela to see the gospel spread and the church built up. Please keep them and all the disciples in Venezuela and around the world in your prayers.

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